Gertrude Stein

One hundred and one years after the publication of Gertrude Stein’s ground-breaking and still widely-debated Three Lives, the Gertrude Stein Society was formed in May of 2010 at the 21st convention of the American Literature Association. In establishing Stein within the ranks of major American authors represented at the ALA, the Gertrude Stein Society recognizes and advocates for Stein’s ongoing importance to modern literature, modernist aesthetics, philosophies of language, and experimental poetics of the 20th and 21st centuries. With the primary goal of furthering scholarly inquiry into Stein’s works, the Society seeks to form a community of people across the disciplines who share an interest in Stein as an artist, a public intellectual, and a complex subject uniquely situated in modern history. The Society encourages the broadest possible diversity of views and range of approaches to Stein’s work and encourages those interested in furthering discussion and debate to attend our annual meeting at the American Literature Association.


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